Meet Jazmyn Turner, Cronulla’s Surprise Guest at the Women’s Pro

Born and bred in Cronulla, Jazmyn Turner was awarded an unexpected wildcard for the Sydney International Women’s Pro. The surprise guest will try to  in the last stop of the 2016 Qualifying Series.

And as good things come in pairs, she will face World Tour pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons in Round 3 of the competition. But who is this 21 year old, long-time member of the Cronulla Girls Boardriders? Let’s meet her…

How does getting the wildcard to compete against Sally Fitzgibbons and the best surfers in the world feel?

I still can’t believe it!!! I just surf for fun, but to get that wildcard into the Women’s Pro is amazing. All the girls that are in it absolutely rip. I was really unsure about if I really wanted to do it at the start, because I don’t surf well under pressure. But I’m doing it more for the experience… And to be matched up with Sally is awesome, as she’s probably the best surfer in the whole competition. It’s going to be an amazing experience and something I’ll never forget!

Apart from Cronulla locals, you are the unknown surfer in an international field… How long have you been surfing for and how did you start?

I started surfing when I was about 8 years old. I used to go down South Cronulla beach most days during the summer school holidays and slowly taught myself how to stand up.

“It’s a great place to surf, because there is always someone out there that you can have a chat with.”

Where’s your local spot and how would you describe it?

I live just around the corner from Sandshoes at Oak Park, so that’s where you’ll find me most of the time. It’s a right hander that breaks over friendly reef but it has its fair share of urchins lying beneath. It’s not the longest wave, but it’s really fun and just runs all the way along the reef. You can surf Shoes on any tide, but it can get a bit shallow at low. It’s a great place to surf, because there is always someone out there that you can have a chat with and you are always guaranteed a few good waves. When it’s too small and not breaking, then I mostly surf up Wanda or anywhere up the beach that looks alright.

You’re also part of Cronulla Girls Boardriders. What’s that like?

It’s a great club to be a part of and I have been a member since I was about 14. We meet the last Saturday of every month and usually surf at Wanda. All the girls are really friendly and we all love the same thing, so it makes it super fun!

What else do you like about surfing in Cronulla?
I love surfing around here because you can almost always find a bank with alright waves. And you also always have a friend out in the water. Plus it doesn’t get too crowded, especially if you go really early or really late. School holidays and weekends can be a lot more busy but it’s still not too bad. There are so many options of waves! And if it’s flat here, you can go 30 minutes down the coast and find uncrowded breaks. There is always a good vibe in the ocean around here, everyone gets along. It’s also great to see girls of any level giving it a go and you have to start somewhere.

“At Wanda, there is always a good bank suitable for beginners.”

Talking about starting… What spots would you recommend for beginners?
Definitely South Cronulla Beach, as it never gets too big there. It’s also pretty shallow so it makes it easier to walk back out to the break. Working as a surf instructor for Cronulla Surfing Academy, we usually run our lessons up at Wanda. There is always a good bank suitable for beginners.

What about intermediate and advanced surfers?
Anywhere along the beach stretch is good for intermediate surfers. You can always find a break that isn’t too heavy and has a rip so you can get out easy. Apart from Shelley Beach, the points are less accessible, so better for advanced surfers.

Any good tips about where to fuel your energy level after the session?
Cronulla has so many options for cafes and restaurants. But you can’t beat the smashed avo and the fresh baked muffins from Shelley Park Corner Shop! They also make a delicious chocolate milkshake. North Cronulla Kiosk makes a great bacon and egg roll and I love So Fresh’s fresh smoothies and acai bowls. As for dinner, Pilgrims is a vegetarian restaurant that does great Mexican food 3 nights a week. And you can’t go past a pizza from Crust…

Lauren Horky

Founder and Editor

Founder of Joyce, Lauren also is its Editor. She worries when the waves get bigger than 4ft, she’s the worst paddler ever, she’s scared of sharks, she chooses a set of fins because they’re purple and she can’t (really) read a forecast. But it doesn’t affect her love for surfing and the beach!

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