About Us

Dedicated to surfer girls and women, Joyce is about way more than just chasing waves… It’s a lifestyle to which many chicks can relate! We aspire to be an ambassador and a source of inspiration for all of them.

Lauren, the founder and editor of Joyce, is kind of your everyday β€œsurfer girl next door”. She worries when the waves get bigger than 4ft, she’s the worst paddler ever, she’s scared of sharks, she chooses a set of fins because they’re pink or purple and she can’t read a forecast… But it doesn’t affect her unconditional love for surfing and the beach!

Looking for a magazine about her passion that wouldn’t exist, and being a Journalist for more than 15 years, she decided to create it herself. Et voilΓ ! Joyce was born. A publication in which we write about women surfing of course, but not only. Travel, yoga, fitness, style, food, art, music and more, all part of Joyce’s DNA, also form a large part of the magazine.

But Joyce wouldn’t be Joyce without Jarrod, co-founder and commercial manager. He came on board after Lauren reached out for him. Not for his eternal smile and blonde curls that betrays his irresistible attraction for the ocean and would make you believe he’s an angel, but for his skills in sales and… Sales mainly! πŸ™‚ Because of his love for figures (the bigger, the better), surfing and girls (the more, the merrier), he couldn’t resist the offer to be part of the adventure.