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Tyler Wright’s emotional journey to the top on ABC

Tyler Wright's emotional journey to the top

Reigning world surfing champion Tyler Wright was overcome with emotion watching her older brother Owen make his comeback to professional surfing on the Gold Coast last weekend. “I think I cried for about 15 minutes after it was done. But yeah, big moment. A year can change a lot.” Fifteen …

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Beachy warm up ritual before you paddle out

yoga surfing warm up mark morgan

Yoga is ideal to add into a daily routine for surf training, to increase your flexibility and bring you more peace of mind, to stay focused in the water. These sequences of yoga postures (asanas), easy to do on the beach pre-surf, are beneficial for preparing the larger muscle groups …

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Nourish your inner wave goddess on the road

food nourish inner goddess mark morgan

Your boards are strapped to the roof, your best friend’s riding shotgun and there’s only one more sleep until you hit the road. What have you forgotten? A towel? Packed. Wetsuits? All over it. Your tent? Sorted. Healthy meals and snacks? Errrrrrrr… Food is often overlooked when road trips come …

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Get lost in Lombok, Indonesia’s jungle paradise

big trip lombok eliane gonzalez

People often talk about how amazing Indonesia is, mainly referring to Bali or the Mentawais. But not many know about their neighbour, Lombok. Yet, this island is bliss. Pure bliss. A lot like you would picture a trip in the archipelago. Home to beautiful secluded white sand beaches, world class …

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The woes of surfing in a bikini

style woes bikini dan warbrick rip curl

I have a shoulder injury and it sucks. I’ve had surgeries, done rehab, seen specialists – I’ve basically done everything I can do for it short of a reconstruction. Because of this, I find my time in the water limited – surf, strain muscles, out of water for the rest …

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How does it feel when a girl catches more waves than you?

boy talk girl more waves mark morgan

Chick surfers shred!!! When you see a girl out in the surf who hits it better than you, you’re left green with jealousy, wondering how a GIRL could possibly be better than you in the surf. That sucks. But surfer girls bloody rule! Think about it… Girls aren’t typically as …

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Talking rubbish with Take 3

environment take 3 eliane gonzalez

Did you know that in a single year 100,000 marine creatures and one million seabirds die from plastic? And these are only the ones found… Next time you’re bounding across the sand after a surf, keep an eye out. You won’t have to look hard. Take three (or more) pieces …

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Kelee meditation, a tool to help overcome your fears


What do Stephanie Gilmore and Tyler Wright share in common? Apart from winning world titles, they both practise Kelee meditation. Tyler started practising just over a year ago and in the process made some important changes to her life… Her most recent success and overall ability to power through the …

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